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Ping G25 Driver, Fairway and Hybrid Review

July 30th, 2013 by

Top to bottom, the Ping G25 driver, fairway wood and hybrid line up stack up as some of the finest products available.  Enjoy the review and be sure to demo the new Ping G25 products, you won’t be disappointed.

ping g25 225x300 Ping G25 Driver, Fairway and Hybrid Review

Ping G25 Driver Review


The entire Ping G25 lineup is simplified with less lines and color schemes. Upon first glance, the G25 looks fantastic with all white grooves on the black matte non-glare finish.  Ping’s traditional crescent alignment aid is on display in all white and really pops with the black club head. Ping’s ultra thin crown technology distributes weight to the perimeter and positions the CG lower and farther back in the club head. A noticeable weight is positioned on the bottom of the sole toward the back of the club head.

The Ping G25 driver is an oversize 460 cc club head with a triangular shape. The G25 is Ping’s first product in the adjustable head category and allows you to add or subtract one half degree of loft to optimize launch conditions for maximum distance. While other competitors clubs have several adjustable features, the G25 keeps it simple.  In fact, after testing the product, in my opinion the adjustable factor may be forced compared to the competitors adjustable equipment.  However, the G25 creates the smoothest shaft sleeve making any alterations extremely easy.  I really liked everything about the appearance of the Ping G25 until I put the club down at address, where the face appears open. Personally, I struggled with the address where I felt the club would produce a wild slice or snap hook.

1 driver 300x225 Ping G25 Driver, Fairway and Hybrid Review


I tested the Ping G25 9.5 degree driver with a stiff TFC 189D shaft. The TFC 189D is the stock shaft that weighs 58 grams with 4.8 degrees of torque engineered to produce a mid ball flight. The more flexible shafts produce higher ball flight while stiffer versions of the TFC 189D create a lower ball flight. The TFC 189D is available in five options ranging from soft regular to tour x-stiff.

The G25 driver stands out as one of the top 2 drivers I tested in 2013. Personally, I did not prefer the aesthetics of the driver at address, however, the club performs awesome. The G25 bombs the ball long and straight which makes the driver a top choice.  It ranks as one of the two longest drivers this year.  The G25 delivers a high and piercing ball flight. I liked the performance of the G25 so much, I could easily put this driver in my bag based on testing results. The G25 should stack up against any other driver on the market.


The Ping G25 is designed with a D3 swing weight. The club feels great and the ball jumps off the club face as good as any driver on the market.  Impact produces a loud sound that makes your ears ring.  It feels and sounds like you crush the ball every hit.  The ball feels solid at impact and Ping did a nice job of combining feel and performance in the G25 driver.  

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the Ping G25 is one of the top 2 drivers available.  Results are long and forgiving and the driver retails for $349. While the retail value is slightly higher than the average $299 price point, players will be delighted with the overall performance.


Ping G25 Fairway Wood


Similar to the driver, the Ping G25 fairway woods features an updated all black color scheme with white crescent alignment aid, a nice upgrade from the dark grey color of the G20.  Ping designed the G25 with the thinnest face of any Ping fairway wood to create faster ball speeds and more distance.  Similar to the Ping G20, the G25 creates a very simple look at address.  However, the appearance delivers confidence with the shallow club face and low profile.  The visible weight on the sole is positioned toward the back of the club head.  Unlike the driver, the G25 fairway wood looks solid, simple and easy to hit in the address position.

1 fairway 300x225 Ping G25 Driver, Fairway and Hybrid Review


I tested the Ping G25 15 degree 3 wood in the stock TFC 189 shaft with stiff flex.  Results yielded mostly a mid to high ball flight.  Ping positioned more mass low in the club head and pushed the center of gravity lower and farther back in the club head to produce a high launch and more forgiving club head.  Although some shots only produced a mid ball flight, I never had doubts hitting the ball off the deck.  The G25 is easy to hit and provides plenty of distance.  Due to the piercing ball flight, the ball generally released and picked up additional yards once it hit the ground.  Off the tee, the club is forgiving and even longer.

Personally, I found the K15 most forgiving and straightest Ping fairway wood ever produced.  However, the Ping G25 produces more distance than the K15, and is still very forgiving for players of all ability levels.  While the Ping G25 is extremely forgiving, it still provides some ability to work the ball.  Players will enjoy the combination of forgiveness, accuracy and distance that the Ping G25 fairway wood offers.


The G25 fairway wood matches the same specs as the previous G20 model.  Both feature a 165 cc club head with D1 swing weight.  Impact produces a solid crack sound and desirable softer feel.  In addition, the design of the G25 fairway improves results on off center hits lower on the club face.  Overall, the Ping G25 fairway has a great feel and is a solid addition for anyone looking for a consistent fairway wood.

Final Thoughts

Players of all ability levels will enjoy the versatility of the Ping G25 fairway wood.  Distance, accuracy and forgiveness make the G25 fairway a top choice.  The $229.99 retail price is slightly more expensive than the former G20 fairway and several competitors.  However, the playability and ability to outperform the majority of other fairway woods make the Ping G25 one of the top fairway woods available.

Ping G25 Hybrid Review 


The new Ping G25 hybrid resembles the shape and color of the i20 more than the previous G20 hybrid.  In fact, the change in design offers a desirable upgrade in aesthetics.  The simple design with flat black color scheme and white grooves looks awesome.  The G25 hybrid is modeled with a more traditional shape and made from 17-4 stainless steel.  An external weight is visible on the sole positioning the CG low and back on the club head.  The updated appearance inspires more confidence in comparison to the off-set and deep face of the G20 hybrid.  Considering the huge improvement from the previous G20 hybrid, the Ping G25 appearance is a very attractive club.  In fact, the G25 hybrid was my favorite looking club in the G25 line up.

1 hybrid 300x225 Ping G25 Driver, Fairway and Hybrid Review


I tested the Ping G25 hybrid in a 20 degree loft with the stock TFC 189H in stiff flex.  The TFC 189H weighs 71 grams with 3.1 degrees of torque.  The stock shaft is available in soft regular through tour x-stiff.  The more flexible shafts are designed to produce a higher ball flight while the stiffer flex shafts offer lower ball flights.  The best feature of the Ping G20 hybrid is a solid and dependable performance.  While the performance in the G20 was good, the G25’s updated appearance combined with the same great results is a home run.  Ball flight was generally a mid to high trajectory.  With the updated club head design, the G25 hybrid is still just as forgiving and easy to hit as any hybrid available.  Distance is above average and the Ping G25 hybrid is a solid contribution to the G25 lineup.


The Ping G25 hybrid weighs in with a D1 swing weight.  The club head and shaft combine for a solid feel throughout the swing.  The G25 hybrid produces the similar dull ping sound as the G20.  I preferred the softer feel of the G25 over the G20, which results in better feedback.  In addition, off center hits have an improved feel.

Final Thoughts

The upgrade to the Ping G25 was the most drastic change among the entire G25 line up.  The new look and solid results make the G25 hybrid one of the hottest hybrids available.  The Ping G25 hybrid retails with an average price point of $199.  The G25 does not offer adjustments and still outperforms many of the more expensive competitors.

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  1. Hey Matt, great review. Did you feel as if you had to swing the G25 driver extra smooth? I swing pretty smooth to begin with, but when I tried to go after a few, I felt as if the stock tfc189 shaft (stiff) was a lil too whippy. I read somewhere where a shop owner did a test on 6 different TFC189 shafts (all same flex) and found that they were all different “frequencied” and torqued

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