15-Inch Golf Cups: Big Golf Hits Lomas Santa Fe Executive and Casta del Sol Golf Courses

Ever wonder what putting into larger holes is like? If you enjoy playing golf in San Diego or playing golf in southern Orange County, now is your chance to get a taste of what the Big Golf experience is all about. Both Lomas Santa Fe Executive Golf Course and Casta del Sol Golf Course have introduced 15-inch cups at their properties within the past month. While reaction has been mixed, the two golf courses plan to do what they can to help grow the game.

“There’s a lot of potential for this,” said Jason Egnatz, the general manager of Lomas Santa Fe Exec. “The game is not easy. We want to give people an opportunity to enjoy it. I played Big Golf myself. It’s a lot less stressful and we want to do whatever we can to grow the game since golf has seen a decline in recent years.”

Darryle Fukano, who is a PGA Class A Professional and general manager of Casta del Sol, also shared the same optimism about Big Golf. “I want the great game of golf to be fun, exciting, and challenging for beginners and avid golfers. I want there to be challenge in golf, but I also want new golfers to be introduced to the game in a way that is less frustrating than the traditional methods. Big Golf is fun! And it’s also a way to introduce those beginning golfers to the game with less pressure and frustration while putting.”

Easier putting outcomes have been one of the positive results of this new twist in golfing. Other pros of Big Golf so far are:

  • It’s new, fun, and unique
  • Less pressure on beginner golfers, especially with putting
  • Takes less time to complete than traditional golf

There is some hesitation with Big Golf, as expected whenever you introduce something new into a sport. Some traditional golfers see this as just a gimmick, others believe two flags on the green is distracting. Since the holes are built on the same green, some golfers believe Big Golf impedes traditional golf, as your ball can land in the wrong cup.

These concerns aside, it seems that the 15-inch hole experiment in golf will be here to stay, at least in the near future since TaylorMade-Adidas has taken the lead on trying new approaches like Big Golf to grow the game and encourage new players to come out to the courses. Hack Golf, a crowd-sourcing initiative recently launched by TaylorMade and the PGA of America, is designed to invite open innovation to generate practical ideas that might make golf more fun and approachable. Mark King, the chief executive of TaylorMade-Adidas Golf, believes that the 15-inch holes could cut down rounds to around three and a half hours—almost a full hour less than the average pace of play.

American Golf Corporation also supports initiatives like Hack Golf and 15-inch holes. We plan to expand Big Golf to other courses in Los Angeles and Orange County, including El Cariso, Arcadia, Scholl Canyon, Vista Valencia, Heartwell, and Lake Forest. Are you ready for a new infusion of fun in golf?

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