7 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Golfers

The holiday season has arrived again and the euphoria of finding the perfect gift for our friends and family is upon us. However, not all people are easy to find gifts for. In fact, when it comes to getting a golfer a cool gift, most of us tend to struggle. But this year, we’ve got you covered with seven awesome holiday gifts for golfers that will be sure to delight them.


7. Mistake-Free Golf Book

The Mistake Free Golf book is all about showing you how to have confidence in yourself, how to commit to each shot, and how not to lose composure when it comes to small putts. Mistake Free Golf makes our list of awesome holiday gifts for golfers because of how important a player’s mental game is to the sport. Robert K. Winters, PhD, the author of this book, does a great job in demonstrating how to bridge the mental portion of golf with the physical aspect to help lower your scorecard.

Mistake Free Golf can be ordered on Amazon.


6. Personalized Golf Mugs

There’s nothing like small, personalized gifts. On inthesandgolf.com, you can purchase a variety of personalized mugs. If your golfer buddy prefers latte coffee mugs, frosted coffee mugs, or stainless steel coffee mugs, it’s all there. Who wouldn’t want to quench their thirst with a nice tasting cup of joe before hitting the links?


5. Despicable Me Minion Golf Balls

There’s no doubt that all golfers love golf balls. But instead of  getting the traditional balls, I encourage you to spice it up with the Despicable Me Minion golf balls. These yellow balls come as a set of two (Dave and Stuart), and can be ordered from the Bonanza online store.


4. Golf Cart Poncho by Frogger Golf

Golf Cart Poncho is an incredible gift because of its dynamic cart cover.  This cover is very light compared to typical ones.  It can also fit into small and medium-sized golf bags, which make it more comfortable when your buddy has to carry his equipment. So if you know a golfer that loves to play even on days that have light rain, the poncho will shield your friend on the front and the side of the cart.


3. The Golfer’s Belt Buckle

On The Green's ball marker and divot tool solution, The Golfer's Belt Buckle.

On The Green’s ball marker and divot tool solution, The Golfer’s Belt Buckle.

This product from On The Green has a solid structure which includes two pockets for the ball marker and divot tool to slide into. Once these tools are inserted into the pockets, a flush magnet keeps them secured. The belt buckle, ball marker and divot tool each come in a variety of colors. So for those of you interested in mixing and matching colors, you have 12 to choose from, including black, gold, green, silver, white, various shades of blue, and a few more.


2. Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant

This GPS device will be a joy to your golfer family member since they will be able to examine the distance to bunkers. Overall, this gift will assist in picking the best club for the green, especially for courses absent of markers. The Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant serves well in multiple areas such as club adviser, range finder, and marker. The app is available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones.


1. The Players Club

Topping our list of awesome holiday gifts for golfers is The Players Club. The unique development program is dedicated to providing the necessary resources, training, and motivation to enhance a golfer’s game .

The Players Club is intended for all golfers, regardless of experience, to improve your skill level and ultimately help you become the best golfer you can be. The best part of being a member of the program is the outstanding array of benefits you receive. Depending on your chosen course, you can expect free range balls, free Green Fees, free carts, and free golf lessons. The clinics are taught by experienced teaching professionals committed to making the classes fun, members can hit range balls every day, and the course is available for Members to play in the afternoons.


A list of benefits for The Players Club golf properties.

A list of benefits for The Players Club golf properties.

Will any of these seven items find a place underneath your tree? Let us know. We would love to see you book a tee time and show these items off the next time you’re at the course!

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  1. Dale Griever says:

    I would have loved to have seen an LTPGA (Less Than Perfect Golfers Association) hat or any of their cool stuff on the list.


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