Did you know American Golf offers tournament planning resources on the new golf tournament management site?

GolfTournamentManagement.com (GTM) is an online tournament planning and event-sourcing resource specializing in country club and golf course tournaments and nonprofit fundraising. For the last 40 years, golf tournament professionals and planning experts have assisted local tournament planners and nonprofits with their charity golf fundraisers and golf outings, and now the website that has assisted them in their tournament planning has a new look and upgraded features.

The redesign of Golf Tournament Management includes the addition of quick access to contact information, new images, and a full list of amenities for each listed venue, offering tournament planners a convenient way of remotely exploring golf courses and country clubs located across the nation, all from the comfort of their own homes. Search through more than 45 tournament-ready event venues located in premier meeting & vacation destinations, including Northern and Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, Georgia, the Gulf Coast, and New York. The site has also added dedicated pages to its Regional Tournament Offices for the following regions: Los Angeles/Long Beach; Northern California; Atlanta; New York/New Jersey; and Texas.

How the Regional Tournament Offices can help you book a tournament quickly, simply, and sans stress

Instead of searching through long lists of individual courses and juggling the logistics of both your agenda and the meeting day itself, when you book through one of Golf Tournament Management’s Regional Tournament Offices, a Regional Tournament Expert will assist you throughout the tournament planning process. These experts are familiar with the courses, have established relationships with top-notch vendors, and have a proven record of putting together successful, smoothly run events. To speak with an expert, visit the Regional Tournament Offices page.

Other features of the new GTM website include:

  • An updated Golf Tournament Budget Calculator to help planners visualize the entire planning process and
  • estimate the cost of an event. The calculator offers a step-by-step estimate based on desired date, add-ons, and size.
  • A Tournament Planning Blog with in-depth articles offering planning tips & advice from experts, plus resources like a free downloadable tournament planning guide with a detailed to-do checklist.
  • A section dedicated to charities and nonprofits, with advice & an invitation to join the Nonprofit Partnership Program, designed to assist nonprofits in need of fundraising.

To read the full press release announcing the launch of the new site, click here. To visit the site, head to golftournamentmangement.com.

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