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What will Tiger do in 2012?

Tiger Woods is set to make his 2012 debut in February. After finally winning late last year, it looks like Tiger may be ready to complete his come back. Tiger Woods has several things going… Read more

Custom Fit Golf Clubs

The benefits of custom fit golf clubs

Every major golf manufacturer offers free custom fitting with all of their clubs. Even though this is the case most golfers simply go to the pro shop and grab a club. This is often because… Read more

Simple Bunker Shots

Every amateur golfer hates hitting out of a green side bunker. More often than not people just do not understand how to get the ball out of the sand and this leaves them hacking away… Read more

Woods 0-2 in Australia; U.S. Leads 7-5

The controversial move to use a captain’s pick on Tiger Woods is not working out well so far. After a 7 & 6 loss on Thursday, Tiger and partner Dustin Johnson lost again on Friday… Read more