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silverhorn golf course

Golf Tips: Curing a Slice or Hook

I used to convince myself that a good slice or hook could come in handy. For example, when confronted with a grove of trees blocking my shot toward the green, trees too high to shoot… Read more

Dyker Beach Golf Course

Tips for Playing Your Best Round of Golf

Clearly nothing would help us all play better and more consistently than a few hours of practice every day. However, since most of us are not professional golfers and have lives and commitments that preclude… Read more

Franklin Canyon Golf Course

Unusual Golf Courses and Events

Golf is a unique game and because all types of people play it, almost any scenario can happen on the golf course – we’ve heard many funny stories, some bizarre, some humorous. For example, a… Read more

Feeling Bad for Tiger?

Not even three years ago, it was hard to feel bad for a guy like Tiger Woods. He had all the blessings this life could bestow on a professional golfer. Untold fame, fortune, and a… Read more