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Who Should Be Number One?

For the first time in years there are questions as to who is the world’s best golfer. Tiger Woods had a great season yet still everyone seems to be talking about Phil Mickelson. In a… Read more

Find a Demo Day Before Buying Clubs

Golf club manufacturers are making it extremely easy to try before you buy. With demo days, demo programs at local golf shops and courses there is ample opportunity to try multiple clubs and brands before… Read more

Make the most of your winter golf trip

With some of the country buried in snow before Halloween many are already counting down the days to their winter golf trip. There is not much better than enjoying warm weather and sunshine on the… Read more

Phil Mickelson

Tour players tinker too

Phil Mickelson recently stated that he has not putted well for two years. Something that is hard to believe given the fact that he has five wins over that time period. It was a simple… Read more