Golf Rules

Golf Hazard

Golf Rules: Hazards

It happens to every single golfer at some point. Shots find a lake, creek, or ravine with the dreaded red or yellow stakes and lines. The only way that this can get worse is you… Read more

The lovely rules of golf

Brian Davis showed us all that golf is still a game of honor. Davis called a penalty on himself during the first playoff hole of the Verizon Heritage last weekend. It is one of the… Read more

Golf Rule Book – Groove Rule to be Enforced

Tim Finchem, PGA Tour commissioner,  announced that the groove rule will be put in place starting January 1 of next year. Last week several PGA Tour players came forward in opposition, along with several manufacturers,… Read more

Conforming Golf Grooves

New Groove Rule Up in Air

Apparently there are many PGA Tour players that are less than enthusiastic about the upcoming changes in their equipment. The USGA is attempting to put new restrictions on the grooves on wedges and irons that… Read more