Suzy Whaley Elected President of PGA of America

Congratulations are in order for Suzy Whaley, PGA/LPGA, who has just been elected the 41st President of the PGA of America.

Whaley will be the first female President of the PGA of America. She also was the first female Officer when she was elected to the Secretary position. She continued to overcome the golf industry’s gender gap when she took the Vice President seat two years ago – and that doesn’t even begin to touch her other experience as a PGA Master Professional, Director, Instructor, Tour Member, and Championship Winner.

This news is encouraging amidst efforts to get women to golf. It’s almost 2019, people! What has been historically known as a men’s sport is finally  becoming an activity that lessens its gender divisions each and every day. According to the National Golf Foundation, less than 25% of golfers playing on courses are women. “No women allowed” golf clubs still exist (and flourish) in various parts of the country. This year, the LPGA launched a hashtag, #inviteHER with the goal of inviting and including women on the greens. We look forward to seeing the reports next year and noting the positive impact that these movements have made on the percentage of women that frequent the golf course.

As for Suzy Whaley, we extend our most heartfelt congratulations. She has truly earned her position through decades of dedication to the PGA of America.

It looks like Whaley will have to add “destroyed the glass ceiling in the golf industry” to her resume.

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