In today’s market place organizations that have historically relied on funding or donations for financial support are finding it increasingly difficult to raise the money needed to effectively run their programs. This has impacted our local schools, churches, youth leagues and non-profit causes alike.
In 2009 American Golf Corporation launched efforts across the country offering seminars to help educate those people and organizations who were looking to increase their return on investment through fundraising. These seminars helped many groups raise more money then ever before allowing them to reach their financial goals and keep their programs moving forward. We are continuing this effort in 2010 adding seminars to new locations and doubling the amount of presentations from the previous year.

If you are looking for new ideas for fundraising that you haven’t tried before, or fresh ideas to some tried and true methods used in the past, then plan on attending a seminar at an American Golf Course near you. These seminars are free to attend and will also give you a unique opportunity to network and share ideas with others whom like yourself are trying to raise funds for a worthy cause.

For a complete list of fundraising seminars, click here: 2010_Seminar_Dates

What others are saying:

“The presentation was motivational and extremely helpful…By the end of the evening we had several great ideas that we were excited to take back and share at our next meeting.”

– Jason Woods, Knights of Columbus

“The budgets and funding for sports programs at the high school were significantly impacted in 2009. The need for my football team to raise funds has never been more important. I cannot tell you how timely the seminar was and the impact it has made on me.”

– Ken Batdorf, Head Coach, Norte Vista High School