Customer Testimonials

February 23, 2010 – I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the employees of San Dimas Canyon Golf Course for hosting the fundraising seminar. The evening was educational and entertaining.

The budgets and funding for sports programs at the high school were significantly impacted in 2009. The need for my football team to raise funds has never been more important. I cannot tell you how timely the seminar was and the impact it has made on me.

I have been the head football coach at Norte Vista High School for 15 years and had to laugh when the speaker was talking about “traditional fundraising”. I have participated in just about all the examples he gave. Walking out of the seminar I knew we needed to do something different. The team from American Golf Corporation was extremely helpful in assisting me and my Athletic Director to plan and host our first ever golf tournament. I wasn’t to sure how effective of an event it was going to be in this area but I have to say when all was said and done it was a great success. We ended up with 72 players and few great sponsors. We were able to raise over $4,000.00 for our team which was sorely needed for new equipment and gear. To put that into perspective I would have to plan, organize and help to execute a fundraising carwash every Saturday for 7 or 8 weeks straight to make what we did in our one day event.

There were many other great ideas presented that night that we are also taking into consideration for the future. Thank you again for everything and please extend a special thank you to your team for being so helpful throughout the entire process. You guys were great.


Ken Batdorf, Head Coach, Norte Vista High School Football

March 4, 2010 – I and a few of my fellow Knights of Columbus attended a fundraising seminar hosted at La Mirada Golf Course last summer. We are affiliated with Saint Irenaeus Catholic Church and support the local community and special organizations through fundraising and charity. The presentation was motivational and extremely helpful.
There are several events the Knights host each year to raise funds to help those less fortunate then ourselves. We are always looking for new ways and fresh ideas to help increase these efforts and we walked away with several from the seminar. It was also very nice to hear the ideas and suggestions from the others in room who like us are responsible for fundraising for their organizations. All of the employees from the course and American Golf who were in attendance were very knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone was nice and courteous and took the time to answers all of the questions we had.

By the end of the evening we had several great ideas that we were excited to take back and share at our next meeting. I know we will be able to utilize this information and we look forwards to teaming up with American Golf to help make our next event a huge success. Thank you for taking the time to share with us and others.

Thank you,

Jason Woods, Knights of Columbus, St. Irenaeus Catholic Church