Heartwell Golf Course

By Tyler Pringle

One could argue that Heartwell Golf Course in Long Beach, CA is responsible for the biggest impact on the game of golf in the history of the sport. Why, might you ask? Because it’s where Tiger Woods first learned to play. At the ripe young age of four, a toddler Woods could be seen strolling the fairways, developing his craft into what would later become the best the world had ever seen.

tiger woods

Tiger Woods as a young boy with his father at Heartwell GC. Sports Illustrated

Heartwell is an 18-hole, par 3 course that is a great place for beginners or players who simply want to enjoy a casual, leisurely round. A full set of clubs isn’t really necessary either, as the longest hole measures 140 yards. However, if you’re looking for a place to practice your approach shots and short game, Heartwell is definitely a great option. For available tee times, click here.

heartwell golf course

Heartwell may not be the longest course, but it still requires solid shots off the tee.

Not very long, the greens at Heartwell are also relatively small and require accurate shots to make pars consistently. Some holes are fairly benign, however others feature water hazards and bunkers to present players with some challenges.

heartwell golf course

Heartwell defends itself with well-placed bunkers guarding many of the greens.

The practice facilities at Heartwell are excellent. Lessons are available from an on-site PGA Professional at the driving range, which is adjacent to two large putting greens. Both the range and the putting green are often busy with golfers of all abilities working one their swings, hoping to capture a bit of Tiger’s magic from years past.

heartwell golf course

The driving range at Heartwell.

heartwell golf course

One of two large putting greens located next to the driving range.

If you’re looking for a great beginner’s golf course, a top-notch place to practice, or a casual environment where you can enjoy a round of golf with friends, Heartwell is your place. For further information on the course, check out its Facebook and Twitter pages!

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