FootGolf: Why You Need to Play the New Sport

Have you tried FootGolf? If not, you’re missing out on tons of fun. FootGolf was introduced as a sport in the United States in 2011 and its interest is accelerating at an astronomical pace. In fact, the new sport is available to play in 33 states and a multitude of countries. The soccer-golf hybrid combines the elements of both sports and its rules are similar to that of golf. So here are a few reasons why you’ll get a ‘kick’ out of FootGolf:

FootGolf is something fresh that you can enjoy with friends and family. I’m actually a testimonial to this. I got an opportunity to test out Orange County FootGolf with seven friends of mine just days before the grand opening at Lake Forest Golf & Practice Center. We participated in an action-packed round of 9 holes, which only took 90 minutes to complete. Each of us had our moments trying to get the soccer ball into the 21-inch hole with the least number of kicks possible. Some tees were easier than others, and two soccer balls found themselves in the lakes and bunkers on the course. All in all, FootGolf was a incredibly fun experience filled with plenty of laughs and jokes. Natalie Bernal, the general manager of Lake Forest property, shared similar sentiments about the fun of FootGolf.

“When the opportunity arose to have FootGolf at Lake Forest Golf and Practice Center, I was ecstatic to have it at my very own course. I have not laughed so much in a long time. Not only was it fun, but it was also challenging as well.”

The new sport also appears to be a good complement to traditional golf enthusiasts. What better way to have a family outing than having the kids play FootGolf while parents tee off with golf? This gives children the experience of getting used to the golfing environment, which may in turn lead them later in life to pick up a few golf clubs. FootGolf also has the potential to have this effect on other demographics who have never engaged with a golf property. It provides a new fan base with an opportunity to interact with veterans of the game, and this could have an influential impact on the sport of golf.

Chris “CK” Kempen, the general manager of SilverHorn Golf Club, has witnessed this dynamic at his property in Oklahoma City.

“FootGolf has opened up our facility to customers that might have never stepped foot on property. The intermingling of the regular golfer and the footgolfer has been a success without any hitches.”

As mentioned earlier, FootGolf is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, and you’ll want to check when it’s coming to a location near you. In addition to Lake Forest and SilverHorn properties, Monarch Bay Golf Club in the San Francisco Bay area has FootGolf available and Vista Valencia Golf Course just opened this past weekend in the Santa Clarita Valley. Other properties expected to open soon include Arcadia Golf Course and Saticoy Regional Golf Course in Ventura. San Diego will have FootGolf at both National City Golf Course and Tecolote Canyon Golf Course.

To follow all of the latest happenings in the world of FootGolf, I recommend that you come kick it with us at the GoFootGolf website, as well as the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + pages. Are you ready for some fun?

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  1. We are introducing foot golf at our course in Colorado this season and are very excited about the possibilities. Great point about opening up the facility to a new set of customers. It truly is a fun experience. Has anyone tried foot golf leagues at their courses?

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