Unusual Golf Courses and Events

Golf is a unique game and because all types of people play it, almost any scenario can happen on the golf course – we’ve heard many funny stories, some bizarre, some humorous.

For example, a golfer rocketed a ball into a tree on a course in California and heard a loud screech. A fully-grown barn owl dropped out of the tree—-knocked unconscious by the ball (true story). Anxious golfers stroked the bird and daubed its head with water. The owl suddenly awoke, and flew off, none the worse for the mishap.

On another occasion, a golfer who could be described as lacking in skill teed off and managed in front of spectators to miss almost completely the ball. The ball dribbled to the side, and got started rolling downward on a steep access cart road—heading toward the green. The lousy golfer and the spectators watched the ball slowly roll down the road, gaining speed, toward the green. By the time the ball stopped rolling, the terrible golfer had a 150-yard drive, not far from the green.

“I think one of the most unusual things we had happen here was a million-to-one shot,” said Jake Stewart, general manager of the Franklin Canyon Golf Course near Hercules, California. “We had 20 guys here, local guys, playing a skins game, just a friendly game. One of the players on the second hole, which is a par three, got a hole in one. Then, as he moved to the third tee and was waiting, a second group of players teed off on the second hole and another guy scored a hole in one. Two holes-in-one, one following the other,” he added. “Think of the odds of that happening. They were laughing and hooting about that one.”

Stewart went on to discuss other aspects that make Franklin Canyon Golf Course stand out. Known for winding its way through a steep canyon amid rolling hills, “we have wild deer and turkeys here, and our greens have Poa annua (blue grass),” he readily shares of his appreciation of the scenery and setting. Being able to enjoy such a truly unique natural setting is exactly the reason many golfers like to get out and play.

Mingling with wildlife on the course may not be as unusual as one would think, and in some instances has led to some exciting memories.  Golf pro Kevin Shaw recalled the time a bear walked onto the course and followed him as he played a round in the Pocono Mountains. “He followed me for two holes,” Shaw said. “To say I was flustered was an understatement. I almost lost it. At this point I didn’t care about my game. I just wanted to get out of the way.” Shaw said he decided to let the bear figuratively play through. It eventually lumbered off the course.

In some areas of the country, wildlife may be less than a pleasing element of the surroundings. Dustin Packard at White Hawk Golf Club near Tulsa, Oklahoma, said armadillos often stray onto the course presenting a unique hazard. “They like to get on the greens and dig for worms,” he said. “That can be a problem. We try to shoo them away by getting in a golf cart and driving around and around until they get the message.”

Packard went on to mention the other unique aspects that the Tulsa, Oklahoma course offers. Saying, White Hawk features two different course types. “The front nine is a traditional links (open style) course,” he said. “The back nine is more heavily wooded with dog legs more like target golf.”

In the game of golf, it’s just these types of unusual events and new and unique courses that bring us back to the excitement and discovery of the game we love.  When your ready to get out and experience a new course, you can always find the best tee times from American Golf and discount tee times online at GOLFZING.

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