What to Look For in a Golf Course

There’s a lot to take into consideration when you look for a new golf course. The club’s history, reviews, members/frequent players, and the course itself are all important aspects to research if you’re trying to find the perfect place to play.

If you’re considering a membership for a public course, it is especially important to compare courses and ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Whether you’re new to the area or you’re just trying to expand your golfing horizons, here’s what we think you should look for when you’re choosing a golf club.

These are the questions to ask yourself when you are debating between spots.

Look For: The Course and its Condition

  • Is there a variety to the shape of the holes, or are they all long and straight? Are there tons of bunkers and water hazards? Are there numerous hills or is the lay mostly flat? Will you use every club in your bag?
  • Are the greens notoriously fast or slow, and does that match your preference? Are the greens true? Do they drain well?
  • Is the condition of the course satisfactory? Is it beautiful and well-kept? Are the fairways and rough maintained and are the pathways cleared?

Look For: The Existing Players

  • Are the existing players in line with who you are trying to become?
  • What is the social environment of the golf course? Some golf courses are populated by keep-to-yourself players, while some are more social and will encourage cultivating friendships through mixers and events.
  • What is the pace of play at the course? Are the players typically leisurely and do they take their time? Or are they competitive and quick? What is your pace of play and will it work well with the course?
  • Is the course busy and are you willing to accept that? Are tee times few and far between, or is the course nearly empty during your preferred hour of play?

Look For: The Reviews and History

  • Are there predominantly good or bad reviews for the course? Why do people leave bad reviews and why do people leave good reviews? If the reviews state that the pace of play is very slow, but you are looking for a course that can provide a leisurely pastime, you may not want to consider that bad review a deterrent.
  • Has the course undergone any major changes in management or had any recent renovations?
  • What is the history of the course and what are its longstanding traditions?

Look For: The Clubhouse and its Offerings

  • One perk that makes a course stand out from others is regularly hosted tournaments and activities. Does this course consistently offer events that appeal to you?
  • How is the clubhouse and/or pro shop? What are its offerings? Is it staffed by employees that are kind to you and make you feel welcome?
  • After a round, it’s always great to sit down and enjoy a cold drink and a meal. What are the food offerings, and do you like them? (See also: Quick and Easy Golf Snacks for Your Bag)

Look For: The Cost

  • What is the cost for a regular tee time? An off-hours tee time? A primetime tee time?
  • What is the cost for the driving range/cart fee/etc.?
  • Is there a membership program that offers discounts and perks for these costs? If so, what is the cost of membership?


We hope these questions help you to assess golf courses and determine the best fit for you and your style of play.


For a golf membership that offers discounted tee times and public course perks such as free range balls, golf carts, and clinics, check out The Players Club and see if they operate at any courses near you.


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