8 Non-Golf Items You Need in Your Golf Bag

As you reorganize your golf bag, it’s important that basics are packed in such as clubs, balls, tees, divot tool, ball marker, etc. But don’t forget about the non-golf essentials.

Clean Towel

Emphasis on clean. Your towel is an essential item for keeping your hands dry on a hot day and wiping sweat off your brow from an intense putt. Many golfers simply click their towel onto their bag and leave it there through the entire season but that can get grungy by the end of the year.

Bug Spray

95 mosquitoes may not be the gallery you expected would be following you from hole to hole. Besides injury or a club that ‘accidentally’ found its way into the country club lake, nothing can derail a round like a bug problem.

Medical Kit

Not that you’ll be playing full-contact golf out there, but a medical kit is great for just-in-case situations. A Band-Aid, bee sting relief, aspirin, lip balm, etc. can provide some fast relief for somebody in your group (who didn’t pack their own medical kit.)

Bluetooth Speaker

Not every non-golf essential item in your bag needs to be an item to fend off emergencies. A bluetooth speaker, for example, is very popular these days if you want to play some tunes from your Smart phone to distract fellow players during their backswing.

Energy Bars

A great round can be compromised by double digit strokes on the 16th, 17th, and 18th hole as your tired body limps towards the clubhouse. Energy bars can give your body the boost that’s needed to finish strong.

Change of Socks

There’s really nothing worse than walking around in wet socks and a golf course is filled with plenty various water sources. Even changing out of sweaty socks at the turn for the back 9 can reinvigorate your game.

Can Koozie

The longer you’re in the weeds looking for your ball, the faster your beverage will sweat. A few extra can Koozies in your golf bag can go a long way to keep you hydrated.


It could be stored within the medical kit but you’ll likely need a large bottle of sunscreen for optimum protection over the course, regardless of your location.

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