Best Golf Technology of 2015

With technology advancing towards cars that drive themselves and houses that are 3D printed, perhaps it’s time to pump the brakes a bit and focus those innovations on items the masses can enjoy – golf stuff! 2015 was a great year for advances in the sport as evidenced by the fact that robotic caddies and hovercraft carts are a thing now. Of course, not everybody wants to spend $5,000 to $30,000+ on technological golf creations that still may have some bugs, which is why the following innovations of the past year are a great introduction to the future of the sport.

Arccos Golf Performance App

The Arccos app provides the amateur golfer an experience akin to watching your round televised in the majors. The app keeps track of how you set up your previous shots and where you plot the next one, from output shot tracking in a birds-eye view over GPS imagery of thousands of real-life courses. You can watch your round and see your statistics in real-time or use the information later to document your game and focus on improving your club selection, shots, and distances.

Garmin Approach S6

There are a number of distance GPS applications available for your phone, but they involve digging into your pocket on each swing. The Garmin S6 is a wristwatch design with over 39,000 golf courses programmed in it. With a quick glance down at your wrist, you see a visual view of the hole, as well as distance, hazards, etc. There are additional features such as swing metric training, which makes the convenient product a must-have for the data-driven golfer.

Ojee Talon

The Ojee Talon fits into the top of your golf club and serves as a real-time teaching assistant. The device features a digital readout that shows your spine angle, shaft-to-spine angle, shaft angle, and rotation of the club face. These numbers adjust as you move the club so you can essentially perfect your swing over time.


Zepp clips onto your golf glove and serves as a swing analyzer with instant 3D feedback. Analysis includes club speed, swing plane, tempo, backswing, hip rotation, and more with tips and suggestions on how to improve – and this data is available on your smartphone.

Lumo Lift

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have been forced to give up golf due to back pain. The Lumo Lift aims to correct bad posture on the course while also improving muscle memory and core strength. The Lumo Lift wraps around your back and includes sensors on your hand or stuck into the club head. It sends a vibration when your posture is dipping and serves as a constant reminder of better posture.

TaylorMade R15 Driver

The R15 was released late in 2014, but became more widely available to the masses over the course of 2015. Arguably the most technologically-advanced driver in the industry, the R15’s calling card is two sliding weights that can be adjusted to alter draw and fade while expanding the sweet spot in what is essentially a customizable driver.

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