Casio Exilim FH-100 High Speed Video Golf Review

Coming back from an injury is never a fun process. About 16 months ago I suffered a torn disc and pinched nerves in my lower back. I was not able to play for over a year. Finally a couple months ago I was given permission to start hitting the range. With low expectations I started practicing several times a week thinking it would take some time to get back to playing decent golf. I was not prepared for just how difficult it would be. It was so bad I considered quitting the game for good, it just was not fun anymore. I was taking lessons throughout the process and using video to attempt to figure everything out. My old camera was a Kodak zi-6 which is a pocket camera that can film at 60 frames per second. It is decent for golf but I would only capture impact on every third swing or so. After reading about the Casio cameras I decided to give the FH-100 a try. I could not find one locally so I ordered it on Amazon for $232.

I will not go over the specs of the camera as they are posted everywhere online. I purchased this simply because it can film at 120 and 240fps. It actually goes up to 1000fps at lower quality but that is not necessary for golf. After some tinkering I settled on 120fps and 1/2500 shutter speed in the Arizona sun. With a little more adjusting I am sure it would be clearer but it is acceptable for my purposes.

The difference between the Kodak and the Casio is night and day. The ability to see the clubface throughout the swing and be able to advance through each frame to find faults is a huge advantage. My swing is still a work in progress, but I was able to improve more in one day with the Casio than the month before. The video is not crystal clear, but I would wager that has more do to with my lack of videography knowledge as the camera. Like the Kodak I am able to to keep the camera and a compact tripod in my bag at all times. I can take it out at the range and see what is wrong instantaneously instead of hitting balls for an hour to work through it, making the process much easier.

The sample video was filmed at 120FPS and 1/2500 shutter speed.

Casio FH-100 Sample

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