Review of Callaway Apex CF16 Irons

The old saying is that a golfer drives for show but putts for dough. While that may be true, it’s what you do with your irons that determines whether that putt is for a clutch birdie or a disappointing double bogie. Golfers that have heeded the importance of their irons are no doubt looking at Callaway’s release of their Apex CF irons, the 2016 release of the line that Phil Mickelson, among others, turned to for success last season.

The Apex CF16 Irons from Callaway are designed with three principles in mind – 1) distance enhancing, 2) shot control, and 3) smooth aesthetics.


Too often it seems that ‘distance’ is just a cliché term used with every golf product from clubs to balls to even tees and gloves. What’s nice about the Callaway Apex CF 16 irons is that they have the technology and design to back up their longer distance claims. For example, the lofts are strong when you hit the ball, which immediately adds to shot length. Your longer irons are designed with the Cup 360 face that Callaway originally implemented in their fairway woods. This technology expands the sweet spot even when you miss the center of the club. Finally, lighter shafts create a faster swing that delivers lengths of a whole club to two clubs higher.

Shot Control

This iron set is dialed in for long, middle, and short shots. The 3-7 are designed a little differently than the 8 – through wedges so that longer shots are more forgiving than shorter, controlled ones. The long and mid-irons are forged and feature the cup-face construction. The short irons are also forged, but have a redesigned faceplate and the overall result is an iron to ball collision that feels, in one word, “easy.”


Performance will always outweigh looks for the club desires of most serious golfers, but it never hurts to combine the two. Those players who chose to use clubs that are designed more for game improvement don’t always want their fellow golfers to know that. The CF 16s mesh the pro style with a compact heel to toe design to look like ‘real’ irons. The looks also feature a brushed chrome finish, which just from the feel of it seems like it will age well which will help to justify the $800 to 1,200+ price.

In the end, these golf clubs offer reliable performance on any type of iron shot. When purchasing directly from Callaway, the clubs can be customized to your specific likings regarding length, flex, steel or graphite shaft, and more.

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