Must-Have Cold Weather Golf Accessories

A round of golf is much different in colder temperatures, and this winter we examine some must-have cold weather golf accessories for the golfer who continues to play in cold weather.

When you golf in golf weather, you experience a different set of issues. Your swing might be hampered by extra layers of clothes, your concentration might slip because you’re busy thinking about that warm post-round drink. Your hands sting from an off-center hit, and the golf ball will not travel as far or spin as much. A different strategy for play is definitely required, but there are also some must-have cold weather golf accessories that can help your game, so pick these up before your next cold day on the links.

Golf Winter Gloves

Hardcore golfers continue to play even in the harshest conditions, yet the hands quickly go numb in cold temperatures, making it nearly impossible to maintain the necessary feel needed for delicate shots. Yet sold in a pair, FootJoy’s WinterSof gloves are cozy and feature a suede leather palm that provides superb feel and grip in the cold. The stretch knit helps trap heat for increased warmth, and these gloves are affordably priced at $21. Players who prefer to ride might also enjoy Titleist Cart Mitts for $40 a pair. These are easy to slip on and off between shots, and keep your hands toasty and ready for the next drive.

Hand and Feet Warmers

Hand warmers are a great alternative for golfers who want to keep their hands warm during extremely cold conditions, but don’t want to commit (yet) to gloves or mitts. Disposable hand warmers offer up to 10 hours of heat once activated. Plan accordingly, as they generally take up to 15 minutes to reach optimum heat, and can rise over 100 degrees in temperature. Hand warmers fit comfortably in gloves or pockets for a quick finger or palm warm up. HeatMax Hot Hands are a popular golf brand that generally retail around $2.00 a pack, or you can purchase a box for $30 or so. There are also feet warmers that fit in golf shoes to keep your feet and toes warm on a chilly day.

Winter Hat

Want to stay a bit warmer? Wear a winter hat! Heat leaves your body through your head, so don’t forget to wear a hat that covers your head and ears to help keep warm. The TaylorMade Beanie fleece will keep you warm on cold days and retails for around $20.00.

Switch Golf Balls

Research indicates you lose 2.5 yards every time the temperature drops 10 degrees. At 40 degrees, you can expect to see a loss of 12.5 yards from your average shot. Try the ColdFusion golf ball once the temperature drops below 55 degrees. ColdFusion balls are engineered specifically for colder temperatures with a low compression Cold Power Core and a CT Elastic Ionomer cover. The result is a golf ball that performs and feels great in cold weather conditions. Best of all, the ColdFusion golf ball retails for $24 per dozen, because who wants to spend time searching for those lost golf balls in the cold? (Not that we ever lose golf balls…)

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