Ditch Your Long Irons

It seem that three and four irons are going the way of the dodo. More and more professionals and amateur golfers are ditching their long irons and replacing them with hybrids. Up until a couple years ago most bags had a two iron in the bag, now there are a lot of bags without a three or four. There is no doubt that the hybrid has changed the way golf is played.

In order to play your best you must have the best club set up. This means having the correct yardage gaps in between clubs and removing clubs that are not consistently hit well. Often times people have clubs in the bag that they very rarely hit. If you fall in to this category just do a short evaluation and make some changes. If you are inconsistent with your long irons take them out of the bag. The three and four irons can often be replaced with one hybrid, perhaps a 23 degree. This leaves room in the bag for an additional wedge. The majority of strokes are taken within 100 yards of the green and having another wedge will help much more than having two long irons you rarely hit.

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