Golf Equipment: The Return of the Wilson Staff 8802 Putter


The new Wilson Staff 8802 putter. (Photo via


Remember the Wilson Staff 8802 putters? If you’re remembering the chosen putters of all-time greats like Arnold Palmer and Ben Crenshaw, your recollection is spot-on. Do you remember the last time you saw such a putter? Chances are, it was a long time ago. But this could change soon because Wilson is re-releasing the Staff 8802 putter. Cosmetically, the new version is identical to its ancestor, though the stainless steel head weighs much less than the original version to compensate for the quicker greens of today’s golf courses.

So what’s the special occasion for the re-circulation of the 8802’s? Wilson Golf is celebrating its 100th anniversary and using this milestone as motivation to release popular retro products. The Staff 8802 debuted in 1950 and got a boost shortly afterwards. Palmer put it on the map during his era as he piled up tour victories, and then Crenshaw made the club iconic by winning the Masters Tournament with the “Little Ben” putter. Wilson is no stranger to taking a blast from the past, as it also brought back several Wilson Staff products in 2004 to celebrate its 90th birthday.

You can find the new Staff 8802 in stores now. Currently, they are available at the 35-inch length and for righties only. The cost of the club? Be prepared to shell out $180 for the 2014 version. And if you’re more of a traditionalist that desires the popular 1964 vintage edition, then I recommend reading this helpful article about the countless knockoffs that exist on E-bay. Will you add the Staff 8802 putter to your golf equipment and create your own golf stories? Let us know.

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