Creative golf gift ideas for the golfer who has everything

The holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means – presents! If you’re anything like me, one of the toughest people to shop for is that golfer you’ve known for years. How many golf balls or tacky golf-themed ties can one person own? Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t allow my gift giving to advance into the generous realm of gifting someone a new Nike driver, or even a name-brand golf shirt. So what do you do if you have one—or more—golfers on your shopping list? What do you get the player who seems to have it all, if you want to be a bit more creative than a bag of tees or Titleist ProV1s (though customized Titleist ProV1s are always a welcome idea… you can also get a deal on those for the holidays here).

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to give a more creative present to that golfer in your life, here are some suggestions. Remember, sometimes a good “golf present” is one you don’t use on the course.

License Plate Frames

We’ve all seen those license plate frames with funny sayings, or images on them related to golf. You can bet that some of your golfing friends don’t have this yet. Why not get one that says, “I’d rather be golfing” (truth) or “My other car is a golf cart.” These are fun gifts – there are even some that are shaped like golf clubs and don’t say anything on them, but they allow the receiver to add a bit of golf to his or her life in a creative, subtle way.

Customized Mugs, Shirts, or Household Items

A customized gift bridges that gap between thoughtfulness and practicality – and there are so many golf-themed options. You can go with the classic golf mug, either one that is shaped like a golf club, says a clever golf saying on it, or even has a photo of your golfer’s favorite course (or—if you know someone so lucky—the course where they got a hole-in-one). Or you can snap a selfie on the course, head to an online photo-developing site (like Shutterfly) and create gifts from printed shirts, coffee mugs, tumblers, or even a canvas print! Or if you want to do a bit of a gag gift, you can even get a printed putting green to put in the bathroom, or customize a golf towel. These can be budget-friendly, creative, and thoughtful gifts.

A Traveling Tee Box

This is one of the most creative ideas I’ve heard of lately, and can be cost-effective for the budget-conscious gift-giver – who also might enjoy a golf game with a bit of heckling involved. If you are one of those people who tease your golfing buddies for what tee box they choose, this might be perfect. Or if you play with your parents, this might be perfect. The concept of a traveling tee box is that you make your own box where you tee off (somewhere on the actual tee box is suggested – don’t make divots in the rough!). The person with the traveling tee box can then choose where they want to tee off on the hole, so they can tee farther back or closer than their partner. The par for the hole remains the same. You can either DIY a set of tee box markers, or some courses will even sell you old ones.

Golf Coupon Book

You remember coupon books, when you gave your parents a coupon book for, “One Free Hug” or—if you were like me, “An hour free from questions or annoyance.” So why not create a golf coupon book for that golfer you play with often? You can make coupons for, “Good for one par putt under 6 feet,” or “On one hole, you can tee off from the red tees,” or even “One free yell in the middle of my backswing.” Get as creative as you want. “One free hand wedge from the rough” “Eliminate one penalty stroke” or “Free yourself from the forest: move the ball away from tree.” Or even, “One free hot dog at the turn.” My only suggestion is that you either put expiration dates on the coupons, or even limits on a course if you’re competitive (e.g., “Coupons only good until 15th hole”) – so they don’t pull one out on the 18th tee.

What are your favorite golf gift ideas? We hope you enjoyed these!

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