How To Choose the Correct Bounce for Your Wedges


If you want to be a better wedge player, then you’ve got to really understand your equipment. One of the most subtle, yet important, aspects of your wedges is the bounce angle. Simply put, the bounce of wedges is the angle from the sole of the club to the leading edge. Understanding how this part of the club works and how to choose the correct bounce for your wedges is critical to shooting low scores. Being able to stick it close from 100 yards or consistently get up and down from any situation is what really separates the good players from your average golfer. A good player understands how to use the bounce of his/her wedge, when to use it, and why to play a particular degree of bounce. The average player likely doesn’t take this into account and just picks up a set of wedges off the rack.

To help with this, Mark Crossfield put a great video together demonstrating why bounce is important in choosing your wedges, and how to find the right match for your style and usual playing conditions. Let us know what kind of wedges you’re playing with in the comments section, and why you’re playing those clubs!

Definitely check out Mark’s YouTube Channel as he’s always putting together great videos to help your game.

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  1. Interesting post and video. Something I struggle with a lot. I have a cleveland Lob Wedge that is REAL inconsistent on me and I really think it is because of the bounce on it.

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