Is Michael Jordan Getting Into the Golf Shoe Business?

Via Marcus Jordan's Twitter Account

Via Marcus Jordan’s Twitter Account


We all know that the Tiger Woods’ TW sneaker is a popular commodity for many golf fashion obsessives. But could this shoe’s popularity be surpassed in the near future? But by whom? Well, a familiar jump-man logo might soon begin appearing on a course near you. That’s right: we’re talking about a Michael Jordan golf shoe.

The genesis of this speculation began when MJ’s youngest son Marcus tweeted a photo of some glossy golf shoes. Closer observations revealed that the golf shoe he wore was a replica of the Jordan Is, the first sneaker Jordan wore in the NBA. But that wasn’t the only thing that got the golf universe excited. It was the text of Marcus Jordan’s tweet, which simply said, “The future.”

The snapshot of the hopeful Jordan I golf shoe has the identical leather structure of his basketball sneaker and is complemented by a flexible traction-filled outsole. This beauty even has the original red, black, and white pattern. Yep, these make for the perfect combination to go along with that black or cherry polo of yours, which will definitely increase your swagger while walking and carting your way through 18 holes. So when might we receive confirmation of a release date and a suggested retail price?

My guess would be sometime next year. I believe that the tease by Marcus was to get golfers enthusiastic about the golf shoe, but some fine tuning might need to still be completed in the performance department in particular with the technology associated with cleats. Nobody wants to look great but find themselves slipping and sliding as they swing. And as we’ve seen recently, most shoe manufacturers are focusing on shoe performance technology as a point of differentiation. After all, you play to win the game. As for price point, the TW 14 goes for $180, so you could expect an Air Jordan golf shoe to be in the neighborhood of $200.

This isn’t the first time that Team Jordan has made headlines in relation to their shoeline swinging at the golf industry. Super Boston Sports Fan Keegan Bradley showcased custom Boston Bruins-colored Jordan golf shoes on his Instagram account in preparation for the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. He also posted other custom Jordan golf shoes in the past, which sparked response from famed caddie Michael Collins. For those of you not familiar with Bradley, he’s the neighbor and playing partner of MJ.

Via Keegan Bradley's Instagram account

Via Keegan Bradley’s Instagram account


According to Forbes, Jordan profited nearly $100 million of the $2.25 billion in U.S. retail basketball sales in 2013. While it has been more than a decade since MJ has been an active athlete, he is still the man when it comes to fresh kicks. Now it appears golf shoes will be the next venture to conquer. Are you excited about the speculation? Or is this just fool’s gold for golfers not associated with Jordan? Hopefully it’s not the later. I can sure see myself teeing off with a pair of J’s on a nice, sunny, Memorial Day weekend. Can you?

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