The Weirdest Golf Headcovers

The main function of golf headcovers are to keep your clubs from getting dinged up from knocking against one another. Most people keep a headcover on their driver, fairway woods, and putter, and occasionally some people have covers for their irons as well.

From an aesthetic and style standpoint, there are a wide variety of headcovers out there. Some are sleek and modern to match the technologically-advanced clubs that they protect, and others… well, look like the stuffed animals you win from those claw machine arcade games.

bubba watson ian poulter ryo ishikawa golf headcover

This is just weird…

Some of the weirdest headcovers out there can be found on the PGA Tour. There is an odd phenomenon taking place where pros have headcovers made to look like them, and then put their drivers up their, well… nevermind. It’s the closest thing golf has to sticking pins into voodoo dolls. I’m not sure who started this, but it should stop. Let’s continue…

There are not many weirder things to cover your golf club with than a mythological animal with pink fur sitting like a person… pink unicorn head cover


Or maybe a monkey with scrunchies around its wrists, wearing lipstick…

monkey headcover


Oh no? Not quite weird enough for you? How about…this… this… well, I’m not even really sure what this thing is.


I would love to see the guy that has this on their driver…


And the winner is… Please, someone leave the name of this thing in the comments section below.

head cover

To summarize, the headcovers on your golf clubs can say a lot about you. Try not to have yours say, “I live in my grandma’s basement with 35 cats, where I watch re-runs of of Power Rangers while eating jars of mayonnaise.”


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  1. Eric Ludwig says:

    The last one is a character from a show, the animal’s name is Chomper, the show is One Piece

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