The Golfer’s Must-Have List of High Tech Thermal Golf Apparel

It can be a sad experience to wake up to constantly dropping temperatures and slowly browning fairways at your favorite local course. This is usually the signal that your time on the course for the season is coming to an end, but who says cold weather should dictate your opportunity to golf? In California (and the East Coast this year!), temperatures can often remain decent enough that the dedicated few continue to golf right up until snow impedes their ability to find their ball. If you want to golf in cold weather, dressing appropriately is key – using a combination of layering and this golfer’s must-have list of high tech thermal golf apparel can keep you warm even while the temperature drops.

The principles behind layering for golf are:
  • First Layer – Moisture Wicking
  • Second Layer – Warmth
  • Third Layer – Wind Protection

Battery-Operated Base Layer

A product such as a battery-operated base layer combines moisture wicking and warmth so that the golfer doesn’t feel bundled up and constricted. The temperature in this layer is adjustable and the fabric is antibacterial and stretchable so you can worry about your shot, not your sweat.

Wool Long Underwear

Merino wool, like that found in thermal under like this, is breathable while also adding warmth. The construction of wool long underwear is designed to specifically prevent chafing, which helps in cold weather sports such as hiking, bicycling, and golfing.

Wool Wind Sweater

It’s hard for the rest of your threesome to concentrate on their putts when all they hear is the “swish-swishing” of your nylon tracksuit. A wool wind sweater is a much better alternative as it provides a (quiet) warm wool outer layer without compromising wind resistance. This is possible thanks to the lined wind protection on the inside of the wool wind sweater.

Polypyrene Sock Liner

Nothing can blow your focus on the putting green quite like freezing feet. Yet multiple layers of socks makes walking around the course uncomfortable, and most golf shoes don’t take wind chill and snow into consideration. A great product that isn’t bulky but still adds protection is a polypyrene sock liner. This base layer for your feet keeps toes warm and your sole dry without having to buy a size larger of golf shoe.

Thermal Hats

You’ve heard it a thousand times, that heat escapes through your head – so what’s the purpose of spending a couple hundred dollars on cold weather golf gear without a proper hat? Thermal/fleece/lined hats offer a water repellent outer layer with a warm and dry inner layer, and also look pretty cool.

Battery-Heated Utility Gloves

Larger golf mitts can keep you warm while driving hole-to-hole, but they aren’t feasible for swinging clubs. Enter battery-heated utility gloves, which offer created warmth, plus grip and wind resistance.

This must-have list of high tech thermal golf apparel allows you to golf longer, and being able to golf year round (or close to it) helps eliminate down time and loss of progress over the course of a long offseason… so bundle up, get out there and golf with your new duds!

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