Titleist New DT TruSoft Golf Ball Review

The ultimate goal of the perfect golf shot is to hit it hard but have it feel soft. This is the aim with the release of Titleist’s DT TruSoft golf balls. One of the most trusted names in the game, the TruSoft is the softest golf ball in all of the Titleist lineup, replacing the popular DT SoLo.

Of course, in the quest for a softer golf ball, Titleist engineers had the difficult task of figuring out how not to sacrifice distance or spin. The DT TruSoft balls were in development for over two years until optimum performance was maintained. The result is that the new line of Titleist balls is actually a bit longer off the tee than the DT SoLo.

The way that Titleist was able to infuse speed, spin, and softness in the TruSoft balls was by blending a fast, low-compression core with a pure ionomer cover, which are first time uses for the company. When compression is lowered, the result is less spin, which can be good in the long game but a detriment in the short game. Therefore, Titleist used compression spin technologies along with cover alterations that will supposedly benefit all types of shots.

It should be noted that the TruSoft is not a high-performance ball like the Titleist Pro V1. Also, for short game stability the NXT Tour will still stand up better. Instead, the DT TruSoft was designed as an affordable golf ball that offers some shot versatility. The DT TruSoft acquires its distance by being a lower-flying ball and improves on the short game with the aforementioned softness. The 376 tetrahedral dimple also adds to the design by being more responsive to the putter.

The DT TruSoft came out October 1 and is at least worth throwing a sleeve into the golf bag for a try. Many times balls from recognized companies that retail for just $21.99 get a bad rap that they’re used only for weekend warriors that want a name brand in their bag (and spend 20 minutes holding up play trying to retrieve them from the weeds.) The truth is Titleist put some serious time and development into this product in what they hope will not only provide affordability, but performance as well. The softer feel of the ball could fit well with golfers who have that swing type, and for a lower price that what you might spend at the beverage cart the TruSoft are worth a shot.

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