Top Android Golf Apps

GPS and Scoring




Newest Version-1.9

Of course there are apps for almost anything that you may need as a golfer, but not surprisingly, the most useful and popular ones tend to be GPS and scoring apps. Out of all the options out there for these types of apps, SkyDroid is one of the best. SkyDroid gives you access to maps of more than 20,000 courses across the country, and there are plenty more being added each year. Use the app to get distances to any point on the golf course; including hazards, bunkers, or the front edge of the green. You’ll always know what club to hit with this app, as it also tracks your accuracy and average drive distance statistics. With satellite images of every green, you’ll always know your way around courses, even when playing them for the first time. The amount of features included is pretty incredible, especially when you factor in that the SkyDroid app is just $1.99! Talk about a good deal. SkyDroid is simply a must-have for Droid users.

Easy Scorecard Pro



Newest Version- 1.3.3

After you download Easy Scorecard Pro to your Droid, you’ll never go back to using traditional scorecards. The app records your score while keeping track of more stats than you will really ever need. Putts, fairways hit, greens in regulation and much more are included and you can even share your best rounds and your impressive numbers with other users. Upload your scores to Facebook and Twitter, or if you don’t feel like bragging, you can keep them on your phone. Easy Scorecard Pro also happens to be one of the premier scoring apps for disc golf as well, so if you partake in the disc version from time to time, this app will give you that added benefit. Google Play user reviews are giving this app an average score of 5 stars, and can so many people really be wrong?




Newest Version-1.4.10

The DroidCaddie keeps score for up to four players and records stats for post-round analysis. Like a caddie, this app will help you make tough decisions out on the course by providing all the info you need; distance to the green, your previous average shot distance and much more. DroidCaddie features more than 4,000 courses, 1,000 of which are U.K. courses, so international players will love this handy app as well.

Tee Times




Newest Version- 1.3.3

Also available as an iPhone app, the mobile version of GOLFZING is the easiest and most affordable way to book tee times on the go. The platform offers tee times at all times of the day at courses across the country. It’s a very simple, straightforward interface that lets you find and book tee times quickly and easily. Additionally, GOLFZING has a great rewards program known as ZINGPOINTS. The more you book, the more points you earn. The points can be redeemed later for free rounds of golf. The app makes it easy to get on the course, and you can earn free rounds. Whats not to love?

Swing Analysis




Newest Version-1.0

Need help with your swing? Look no further than the iSwing app for Android. It not only enables you to record and analyze your own swing, but you can also create side-by-side screenshots with swings from top tour pros to see how you stack up against the best. Whether you are putting in some time at the driving range or getting out onto the course, you won’t want to be without the iSwing. Golf Magazine Publications calls iSwing “Quite possibly the best invention for mobile golfers…” and for only $3, this app is definitely money well spent.


Golf Channel Mobile

golf channel


Newest Version-

Golf Channel Mobile is a great app for Golf Channel lovers on the go. Now you can get things done and still have all the tournament updates and latest breaking golf news stories delivered right to you. The app also includes behind-the-scenes content from your favorite shows and tips from some of the best golf instructors on television. Every weekday morning, there is also a live audio stream of the popular program Morning Drive available right on your Droid. Best of all, this exclusive content is free of charge.


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