10 of the Strangest Moments in Golf History

Here are a few fun golf videos through the years to make you laugh and brighten up your day.

  1. The time a cheeky kangaroo invades an Australian golf course and had the audacity to start playing with the golf balls!
  2. The time Sergio Garcia climbed up a tree to take his second shot: the chances of a ball being stuck up a tree are slim to none, but with a little reverse pitch backwards, the ball actually landed on the fairway!
  3. The time a man decided to streak onto the 72nd green during the 1985 Open Championship at Royal St. George’s got people talking.
  4. The time Jerry Pate throws course designer Pete Dye and PGA Tour commissioner Deane Beman into the water before diving in himself after winning the 1982 Players Championship.
  5. The time the legendary steamer Tommy Bolt flung his driver into a lake in the first round at the 1960 U.S. Open, and blamed it on a fish. A kid in the gallery swam out and returned the driver to its rightful owner.
  6. The time Arnold Palmer told Bob Hope how to knock eight strokes off of his scores – by skipping par 3. “I’d give up golf if I didn’t have so many sweaters,” Hope said.
  7. The time Phil Mickelson sank the birdie putt for his first major win at the 2004 Masters and jumped for joy.
  8. The time Boo Weekley made a scene by mounting his driver like a horse in celebration before teeing off on the final day of the 2008 Ryder Cup.
  9. The time legend Bobby Knight’s greenside tantrum-induced outtakes were released from his 1980s instructional video series, “Golf Your Way.”
  10. The time Robin Williams performed his infamous stand-up routine on golf in what The New Yorker called, “probably the funniest, and the most profane, peroration on the sport that anybody has ever delivered. “You whack the ball, and you keep whacking away until you feel like you’re going to have a stroke. That’s what we’ll call it, because every time you hit it, you think you’re going to die.”

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