Golf Infographic: How Golf is Helping Women in Their Professional Careers

Business is certainly picking up when it comes to a woman’s role in golf. In 2013, 260,000 women took up the sport and used it as a go-to activity for corporate bonding. Currently, 17-year-old Lydia Ko, the women’s golf world No. 1 player, has 10 wins under her belt. Moreover, two LPGA rookies: Cheyenne Woods (Tiger Woods’ niece) and Sadena Parks became the first pair of African-Americans on the Tour at the same time. With more women getting in the swing of things in golf, we decided to re-release the infographic below to display how golf is helping women, and how women use the sport to develop their professional careers. After reading these impressive and growing statistics, we recommend that you challenge two female friends or family members to take part in the golf experience. For a directory of courses to take action, click here and join in the fun!


infographic of impact of golf with women

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