National Golf Day 2015

Today marks the eighth edition of National Golf Day, where WE ARE GOLF will visit Capitol Hill to chat with Congress about golf’s impact on the United States. Golf has contributed to the U.S. economy, charity, and its citizens’ fitness. The golf industry supports nearly two million jobs, has a charitable influence of close to $4B/year, and offers the exercise benefits of—on average—10,000 per round.

Economic Impact:

Since its rise as a major spectator sport in the 1920’s, golf has created lifelong recreational opportunities for millions of players and fans. Check out the great infographic below from We Are Golf. The U.S. golf industry is a $70B enterprise, supporting 2M jobs, with a total annual income of $55.6B. Equally impressive is that $523 million is spent on golf-related media, including books, magazines, DVDs, and gaming.

National Golf Day 2015 Economic Impact

$176.8 Billion is the total economic impact of golf in America, including direct, indirect and induced impacts.

Charitable Impact:

The approximate $4 billion a year in charitable giving from golf is a figure that tops the combined total of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

One of the ways that American Golf has added to the charitable success of the industry is with Golf Tournament Management, which emphasizes an educational perspective and comprehensive resources for professional golf tournament planners, tournament chairpersons, and first-time tournament organizers.

“With Golf Tournament Management, we are helping a nationwide network of nonprofits and community organizations become more profitable through seminars, courses, and services that are designed to craft ideas for fundraisers and help them maximize those efforts,” said Jennifer Tinney, National Director of Tournament Sales for American Golf.

National Golf Day 2015 Charity Impact

Golf’s charitable impact is nearly $4B/year at
12K facilities, 143K events & 12M participants.


Fitness Impact:

One of the most intriguing revelations from the 2011 GOLF 20/20 report is that playing golf is a viable fitness choice. The report noted that individuals who play the game four times a week while walking the course can cut out about 8,000 calories from their diet. WE ARE GOLF’s awareness campaign for fitness isn’t just about fancy stats. They are also a central contributor to Phit America, a non-rofit association that tackles obesity. In addition, WE ARE GOLF and other key groups in the golf industry are huge supporters of legislative items such as the Personal Health Investment Today Act (PHIT) and Physical Education Program (PEP). PHIT allows individuals to use pre-tax medical accounts for costs related to physical activity. PEP gives educational institutions grants that are designed to rebuild health and fitness programs. On NGD15 it should be interesting to see if WE ARE GOLF leaders push congressional members to adopt further legislation that could complement both PHIT and PEP.

National Golf Day 2015 Fitness Impact

Walking 18 holes is equal to a 5-mile walk
or 3.5-mile run.

The 2014 event featured best-in-class industry leaders from Club Managers Association of America, PGA TOUR, U.S. Golf Manufacturers Council, the PGA of America, and a half dozen of other organizations to demonstrate why golf is more than just a game. We’re excited to see what is in store for National Golf Day 2015. Join the conversation on Twitter by tweeting why golf is more than a game to you with the hashtag #NGD15.

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