PGA Tour Announces New FedEx Cup Scoring System

Beginning in 2019, the PGA Tour and FedEx Cup will be utilizing a different scoring system and will also boast greater monetary prizes for its players.

Jay Monahan, PGA Tour Commissioner, announced today that there will be three changes taking place next year. These changes are meant to “add to the significance of every single tournament in our FedEx Cup schedule.”

“We try and take a fan first approach to everything we do in our business, every facet of our business, that’s where we start,” Monahan said.

The changes are also intended to “maximize playing and financial opportunity for [PGA Tour] members.”

The Changes

  1. A simplified scoring system

The new strokes-based scoring system will simplify the previous system and will increase the intensity of the game. The system will better allow players to rise (and fall) within the standings.

With this scoring system, the FedEx Cup will also be easier for spectators to understand and follow. The score of each player will already take into account previous performance, so you don’t need to do any math to figure out the real standings. You, as a viewer, will know exactly how many strokes away any given player is from winning the FedEx Cup.

In 2019 there will be one singular champion of the Tour Championship and FedEx Cup Championship. This will create a great sense of drama and accomplishment in the final rounds because if you win the Tour Championship, you are the ultimate winner.

Note that for the first two playoff events, the Northern Trust and the BMW Championship, the scoring system will remain in the old (current) system.

  1. An additional $10 million Wyndham Rewards sponsored bonus

In order to reward players for “outstanding play” prior to the start of the FedEx Cup Playoffs, Wyndham Rewards has sponsored $10 million.  The Wyndham Rewards Top Ten will reward players in the regular season for their performance.

  1. A doubling of bonus money from $35 to 70 million dollars

A great way to up the intensity of the game is to increase the purse. The winnings will double in the next year to be a hefty $70 million. The Tour Champion/FedEx Cup Champion will take home $15 million. With comprehensive earnings, the Champion can earn up to about $28 million.


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