The Best Golf-Related Super Bowl Commercials

It’s an unspoken rule: never fast forward through the incredible commercials that claim screen time during the Super Bowl. They are some of the best of the year. In honor of the upcoming ads set to debut this February 3rd, we’ve compiled some of the best golf commercials that have aired on television. Here’s to hoping this year brings another great golf commercial during the big game – and that it makes us laugh as much as these ones do.

We’re all ready for the next episode. We could use more of these golf commercials, too.

This baby knows how to roast a golfer. Next time you’re trying to shame your friend for a bad round, make sure you call them a “Shankopotamus.”

This FedEx Cup ad from nearly a decade ago is timeless. Don’t pretend you haven’t looked out your office window and wished you could make a quick escape to the greens.

This Nike ad might be from 10 years ago, but since Tiger’s made a comeback, we say this hilarious commercial should, too.

To end our collection of commercials, here’s a classic ad featuring Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods dueling for the best “hole-in-one.”

We’re crossing our fingers for another Tiger Woods ad this year.

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