10 Golf Hacks to Improve Your Game

Here are 10 quick and easy things you could be doing right now to give your game a boost inside and outside of the locker room.

  1. Get into a decent pre-shot routine. Take Jim Furyk, for example. Before he putts, he addresses the ball, and then backs off – every time. Make sure whatever your routine is that you follow through with it before each shot. Once you get used to it, the routine will give you a sense of calm and improve your nerves.
  1. Use rain gloves when it’s not raining – they can be useful on hot, sticky summer days, especially if you suffer from sweaty-palm syndrome. The more your hands perspire, the stickier your gloves become.
  1. Pack a bungee chord in your bag for a great arm stretch before your tee off. It’s the perfect warm up hack!
  1. It’s a small touch, but you can make your grip smell good by spraying deodorant on your hands in the clubhouse bathroom.
  1. Develop a safety shot. Many disasters happen from the tee, and as you work on becoming a more consistent player, having a safety shot in your back pocket, where you know without a doubt that you can make it no matter how much trouble you’re in, is extremely important.
  1. Want to measure whether or not you’re directly making impact? Use a dry-erase marker on your clubface to get immediate feedback on where the ball is making contact. Alternatively, you can also use Dr. Scholl’s foot spray.
  1. Try to get in the habit of marking your ball with the head side up. Only mark it with tails up if you’re asked to move the mark off a playing partner’s line. It will be there to remind you to remark your ball in its original place. Tiger Woods did it at the 1996 U.S. Amateur and it worked for him!
  1. Carry a carpenter’s nail in your bag for cleaning inside grooves. The duel-purpose tool can also work well as a ball marker.
  1. Are your gloves wet? Hang them from the top of your umbrella to dry them out while you’re playing outside.
  1. Simulate the most critical holes backwards before you play them – especially the par 5’s. When you’re on the fairway, turn around and look back at the tee. Where is the fairway’s widest point? This will help you manage depth perception. It may look like 15 yards when it’s actually 30.

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