3 Easy Ways to Teach Kids How to Play Golf

Are you a parent that loves the game of golf but has a fear that your child will not share the same enthusiasm? As with any other sport teaching children how to play can be extremely challenging and require a large amount of patience. The kid might get frustrated because they aren’t adapting as easily as expected or perhaps they simply prefer Xbox and PlayStation consoles a lot more. To combat these possible outcomes, we have come up with three easy ways to teach kids how to play golf.

1. Provide a Fun Experience

One of the most forgotten aspects about sports is that it should be fun. This is the philosophy that should be taken into account when starting to teach kids how to play golf. You’ll want to let them be themselves and not try to correct every fundamental mistake that they make. As a reminder, you are introducing them to the sport and not trying to create a mini Rory McIlroy in one day. By focusing on fun rather than the perfect swing, you increase the likeliness that the young lad will want to return for more golf outings.

2. Create Phases

In addition to providing a fun experience,we recommend planning for different phases of the game to work depending on the age of the young golfer. For example, a five-year-old might not be able to drive the ball as far as a 10-year-old. So it might make sense to start with the short game first. Using putting as an initial phase allows the golfer in training to learn the object of the sport, which is to hit the ball into the hole. From a psychological perspective chipping the ball into the hole or coming very close to doing so will help gain confidence. This also presents a cool teaching moment such as explaining the rule of the order of putting.

3. Supply Rewards

To go along with fun and breaking things down to small phases its always good to reward your beginner with a reward. This is a step that will reinforce that learning how to play golf is a positive experience. The pro shop is a good location for some tasty snacks or cool gifts. It might also be a good idea to see if your child has a friend or relative that they would like to include in future trips to the links.

Now that you are armed with these helpful tips on how to teach kids how to play golf, its time to have fun. You can click here for a directory of courses to decide where the start of the golf memories will take place at. Good luck!

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