3 Keys to a Successful Set Up

One of the most important aspects for a repeatable golf swing is the correct set-up, which promotes positive and negative consequences throughout the swing.  In fact, the swing is full of cause and effect relationships.  A poor set-up begins a chain reaction of incorrect movements to follow.  The following points will lead to a better set-up and more consistent golf shots.

Grip the Club Correctly

A good swing starts with the correct grip.  The grip is the only connection you have with the club.  It will directly effect the angle of the clubface at impact.  When you place your hands on the grip, a “V” forms between your index finger and thumb on both hands.  Be sure the “V” on the left hand points somewhere between the right ear and right shoulder, while the “V” on the left hand also points between your right ear and shoulder.  Both “V’s” should point in the same direction so your hands are working together in the swing.  Make sure you see preferably 2, maybe 3,knuckles on the left hand.  In addition, prevent a weak grip where both “V’s” to point anywhere left of your chin.  Finally, grip the club with a light tension.  On a scale of 1 to 10, your grip pressure should be somewhere around a 4.


Shoulder Tilt

shoulder tilt golf

Tilt your shoulders slightly to mimic the right hand low.

When you place your hands on the club the left hand is on top while the right hand is positioned lower.  The hand position on the grip will have an effect on the rest of your set-up.  Therefore, similar to the low right hand, the right shoulder should be lower than the left shoulder.  This moves your head slightly closer to the inside of the right foot.  In addition, the head should be positioned clearly behind the golf ball at all times.  Avoid setting up with the shoulders parallel to the ground and the head in front of the ball with more weight on the left side.


Create the Proper Spine Angle

 The spine angle helps create an athletic set-up position.  Begin by bending the knees slightly.  Next, lean forward at your waist to create the proper spine angle.  Another way to create the spine angle is to stick your butt out.

Throughout the swing, maintain your original spine angle.  The swing is initiated by the arms swinging the club around your spine, which should remain fixed.  That means eliminating any lateral movements or vertical movements.  Maintaining a constant spine angle allows you to swing with better fundamentals while cutting out additional movements in the swing.

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