3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Setup

Your setup affects your entire game, so make sure you get things right from the start. Here are a few tips towards achieving it properly.

Step 1

Make sure your left hip is over your left foot. With this positioning, you’re allowing your upper body to shift to the right, which gives you the opportunity to setup for Step 2. For left-handed golfers, you’ll want to do the opposite (right hip over right foot). Let your weight drop slightly back onto your heels, relax your knees and let your arms hang comfortably.

Step 2

Next, make sure your head and left hip are behind the golf ball. Continue to hinge from the hip, and don’t bend from the waist. When you bend from the waist, your back tends to round out, which isn’t good for a proper setup posture. You don’t want to weigh on the balls of your feet. Also, continue to make sure your knees aren’t locked.

Step 3

Finish by putting your body in a sturdy position in preparation for your swing. Now make your left arm high and your right arm low. Again, if you’re left-handed, do the opposite. Don’t tuck your elbows under, or let your shoulder travel towards your ear.

If you follow this model, your setup is bound to improve and you’ll find yourself hitting more quality and consistent shots.

An easy way to remember these steps is:

(For right-handed golfers)

  1. Left hip left
  2. Head behind the golf ball
  3. Left arm high – right arm low

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