3 Steps Hitting to a Low Draw

Less than ten percent of the golfing population hit a draw. For a right-handed player, a draw is a shot that curves from the right to left.  While players search for methods to improve their game they routinely work on techniques that allow them to shape their shots.  Controlling the distance, direction and trajectory of the golf ball is essential for shooting lower scores.  One of the essential shots is a low draw that cheats wind and delivers extra yardage rolling down the fairway.

how to hit a draw golf

A closed stance promotes an in-to-out swing to help the ball move left to right.



The target line is an imaginary line that runs from the target through the golf ball.  Setting up correctly to the golf ball requires the feet, knees, hips and shoulders all lined up parallel to the target line.  Position the club square to the target line.  The club face should point directly toward the target.

To hit a draw position your body so your feet, knees, hips and shoulders point slightly to the right of the target line.  This is called a “closed stance.”  A closed stance will promote a draw. In the picture to the right, the feet, knees, hips and shoulders are all lined up to the right of the target line.



Swing Path

The golf ball must start in one of three directions, straight toward the target, pushed to the right or pulled to the left.  Players want to encourage swinging the club head down the target line to promote a straight shot.

Since your body is positioned slightly to the right with a closed stance, make a normal swing.  If your swing is generally down the line, the closed stance will promote an in to out swing path.  This swing path will promote the ball to start slightly to the right of the target while the clubface is turning through impact.  The result should be a draw with a right to left ball flight.

Ball Position

Ball position constantly changes depending on what type of club and type of shot is being played.  Ball position for a driver is normally played off the inside of the left foot while a short iron is played approximately the middle of your stance.  Playing the ball back a few inches in your stance is one way to lower ball flight.  Also, try gripping down on the club.

The idea of a low draw is produced with a closed stance, which promotes an in to out swing path where the club faces closes through impact.  The additional step of playing the ball back in your stance will help achieve the desired “low draw” ball flight.

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