3 Unique Golf Games That Will Make Your Next Round More Fun

A new year may have started, but old habits of playing golf at popular courses in Los Angeles, Orange County, Atlanta, and Dallas should go unchanged. And that’s okay, because each of those regions has a lot to offer. Yet if you do want to do something new this year, I challenge you to being more fun and spontaneous on the course, and bringing more friends out to join you on the fairway! Friends, family, and colleagues make for great golfing buddies. In the spirit of promoting an expansion of fun in our lovely sport, here’s a list of three unique golf games that can shake things up.

 Alternate Shot

Alternate Shot is a lively golf game designed for foursomes that you may have witnessed at the Presidents Cup. In this style of golf, a team of two players alternate hitting shots until the ball finds its way to the hole. Let’s say that Gary Golf and Peter Par form a team. Gary Golf hits a tee shot while Peter Par hits the approach shot on the green. If Gary Golf misses the first putt, then Peter Par would have to sink the putt. Alternate Shot can be played in both stroke or match play format. It’s probably best to try both variations to get more out of it.

Big Golf (15-inch hole)

Big Golf is the newest of the three golf games on our list. It is a polarizing initiative that Adidas and TaylorMade are pushing to capture new golfers. While a fresh audience is the primary reason for Big Golf, it’s not a game that discriminates against golf purist. The same rules and concepts of golf apply; however, the traditional hole measurement of 4.25 inches morphs into a 15-inch cup. Who knows, it might finally give you the upper hand in those friendly rivalries you’ve been on the wrong side of all these years. Big Golf is fun and takes less pressure and frustration off your putting. This can be played by yourself, or all the way up to a fivesome at select American Golf Corporation properties.

Four Ball

Four Ball is one of the other fascinating golf games that requires a foursome. Two teams of two players compete against each other in a better ball scoring system. In Four Ball, each golfer plays his own ball throughout the contest. After all players put the ball in the hole, the person with the lowest score wins for the team. Let’s say that Team A is made up of Gary Golf and Peter Par, who score 5 and 7 on the first hole.  Terry Tee and Richard Range on Team B score a 4 and 6 on the hole.  Team 2 would win the hole since Terry Tee shot a 4. Similar to Alternative Shot, Four Ball matches can be played in either stroke or match play.

Which Unique Game Will You Choose?

While there are other entertaining golf games out there such as Wolf or Best Ball, these three (Alternate Shot, Big Golf, and Four Ball) are far more unique. And did you notice that two of the three choices require foursomes? Yep, we want you to include your friends, have fun, and get more out of golf.

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