4 Great Drills for the Driving Range

  1. Putting / pitching with one arm only

One common piece of advice is to putt one-handed. This will help in two different ways: First, it teaches you to release the putterhead properly, which is one of the first things to analyze when you miss a putt. Secondly, it restores hand-eye coordination. When you only use one hand, you have a tendency to forget about the mechanics and simply stroke it towards the hole.

Similarly, if you struggle with getting pitches into the air, try putting with one hand in your pocket, and only swing the wedge with your opposing arm. It might help to practice this on a mowed turf as opposed to a green. Pretend you’re on the green and hit the pitch.

  1. Breaking peeking habit on putts

A common struggle among golfers is peaking and missing short putts. Luckily, there’s a quick fix that can be applied here. One of Golf Digest’s teaching professionals, Butch Harmon, has an excellent tip for you:

“Pick a four-foot putt on the practice green, then stick a tee all the way down in the ground (or put down a dime) and putt balls right off the top of it. Now, here’s the key: Make sure you see the tee after you’ve hit the ball. This will help you to keep your head in place and your putter on line,” he says.

  1. Experiment with grips

When you’re on the range and hitting a lot of balls back-to-back, it’s the perfect opportunity to see which type of grip works best for you. To do this, try gripping your club with your hands split. This will encourage the feeling of control, but with your arms relaxed. Take this time to recognize what your optimum grip pressure feels like, and experiment with various pressures while still relaxing your arms. The goal is to combine maximum clubhead speed with consistent clubface control.

  1. Stay within the lines

Beginners have a tendency to push or pull the putt off the line. A good drill that will help you develop consistency is to find a flat space on the green, then place two clubs on the ground just wide enough to place the putter head behind the ball. Then, swing the putter between the clubs and hit the ball. Keep the putter head low to the ground while doing so. If the putter hits either of the clubs, you’re failing to swing the putter down the target line.

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