4 Putting Drills That Will Get Your Game on Par

On a scale of one to ten, how well are you putting today? Perhaps some of you are standing up, chest inflated, letting out a loud reply of better than ever. But for those of you,who are struggling or simply never got this essential part of your game under control, help is on the way. After all, putting is like wisdom, partly a natural gift and partly an accumulation of experience. If that sounds familiar, those are wise words from the King, Arnold Palmer. Now that you have taken time for Arnie’s insights to sink into your mind, it’s time to get out to the greens and practice with four putting drills that we highly recommend for your game.

Box Putting Drill

Our first endorsed practice item is the Box Putting drill. In order to perform this drill you will have to make a box around the hole and putt five feet out. Next, you’ll want to attempt to hit the ball into the box. If you get the ball in the hole, you are a winner. Once you master the distance of five feet, look to expand out to six, seven, eight, nine, and 10 feet out. On the surface this may sound simple, but trust us it’s quite the challenge. For a better understanding of how this drill is performed check out the video below.



Lag Putting Drill

Our next tool is known as the Lag Putting drill. This exercise has a lot of comparable components to the Box Putting drill. The difference here is that you putt with one hand and your vision is blocked. The goal of this drill is that a golfer will focus on his/her target and remain steady when swinging at the ball. It’s best to start with shorter distances and then branch out as you become more successful in getting the ball into the hole. Perhaps, the video below of Phil Mickelson participating in lag putting will serve you well.



Circle Putt Drill

The Circle Putt drill is designed to help golfers read the break and sink a putt in fast pace. As you may know, the rule of thumb is that you want to reduce the amount of time spent addressing the ball so that you will not let the mental portion of your game get corrupted by lingering thoughts. To get started, you’ll want to place eight balls in a circle 3-5 feet away from the hole. The goal is to make putts as you move around the circle. When you miss, you start over until you hit all the balls in. Professionals such as Jason Dufner has attributed this exercise to much of his short game success.


Putting Arc Drill

Our final drill that we want you to put into practice is the Putting Arc. You’ll want to shadow the arc with your putter to cultivate a smooth, straight stroke. Many players make the mistake of hitting the ball rather than stroking it and this drill aims to solve that. One of the most underrated things about the Putting Arc is that it’s an effective method to examine the alignment of your putter face in relation to your target.

Now that you are aware of these four putting drills, its time to get some experience implementing them. Let us know which one of these drills that you’re most excited about doing. We would love to see how your game evolves as a result.

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