8 Common Misconceptions About Golf

Going for the Flag

There’s no shame in aiming for the middle of the green instead. A par is better than a row full of X’s on your scorecard.

Divots and Bunkers

Make sure you’re a Good Golf Samaritan, and respect your fellow players by replacing divots and not raking bunkers before moving on.

Shouting ‘Fore’ on the Green

Some people have stopped yelling ‘Fore’ for whatever reason. Maybe they find it embarrassing, or unnecessary. But even if you don’t think it’s needed, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want a fellow player’s injury on your conscience!

Talking About your Game

Conversation is normal out on the green, but try to avoid giving your fellow players constant blow-by-blow rundowns of your last round. If the pros can’t even make it interesting on TV, chances are neither can you.

Know When to Quit

No matter how good of a player you are, we all have bad rounds. But an unspoken inexcusable action is not knowing when to throw in the towel when your ball is stuck in a bunker, or all you’re doing is skulling chips. Just pick up the ball, and move on.

Swing Speed

One of a golfer’s most common mistakes is to swing your club too fast. The speed is not what’s important, but how well your body and the club work together. A smooth, calculated swing will yield better results than a quick, choppy one.

Know How to Drop

Try to avoid spinning or flipping the ball. Instead, stand with ball-in-hand facing the hole, extend your arm, then drop it. If your ball hits out-of-bounds, you can add a stroke and try again from where you played your last shot.

Too Much Practice

There is such a thing as taking too many practice swings. A lot of experts claim that the more swings you take, the worse the shot outcome will be. Instead, if every swing counted as a shot, rounds would be quicker and your score will surely improve.

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