Ball Flights: Pull, Pull-Hook, and Pull-Slice

Like the first three ball flights these all have something in common as well. These three ball flights all start to the left of the target line. The path of the club determines what direction the ball will start and the club face imparts spin on the ball to determine the shape of the shot. In these three ball flights the club path is coming from the outside and causing the ball to start out to the left of target, this is also called over the top.

The pull shot is simply a shot that starts out left of your intended target and never leaves that line. The club path causes the ball to start on this line and the club face is square causing the ball to fly in a straight line.

Next is the pull-hook shot, this is a shot usually ends in a ball heading out of bounds or into a lake. The is caused by the same path as above but in this case the club face is closed. This causes the ball to start out left of the intended target and the turn farther left in flight. This is caused by the spin imparted by the closed club face.

The pull-slice is perhaps the most common shot hit by high handicaps. The path is the same as the above two shots but the club face is open. This causes the ball to start out left of the target but the spin imparted causes the ball to move back to the right while in flight.

Understand how the club face and path influence shots is the first step to understanding how to fix the problem. In the next series the push shots will be covered.

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