Ball Flights: Push, Push-Draw and Push-Slice

The last of the nine ball flights all start out to the right of target. This means that the path of the golf club is traveling right of the target line when it makes contact. As with the other ball flights the curve, or shape, of the shot is determined by the face at impact.

The push is a very common shots with golfers of all ability. It can be caused by a number of factors and flaws in the swing and results in a shot that is straight but starts out and stays on a line right of the target. This caused by the path of the club starting the ball to the right and the face being square.

The push-draw is also started to the right of the target. This shot is preferred by many accomplished golfers and desired by nearly every beginner. It is caused by the path starting ball to right, or coming from the inside, and the face being closed. This results in a shot that starts out right of the target and draws back to the target.

The last of the nine ball flights is the dreaded push-slice. The result of this shot is most often a penalty shot and/or a re-tee. Like the prior two shots the path of the club starts the ball right of target. This however has key factor that makes this shot end poorly nearly every time. The club face is open. This causes the ball to curve to the right, fade or slice, and puts you in even more trouble. This, along with the pull-draw, are the two shots that end in the most trouble.

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