How to Beat the Heat on the Golf Course

It’s peak summertime, and that means some serious heat. You might be tempted to hold off on golf until the weather cools, but if you take the proper preparatory steps, you can still enjoy a round despite high temps.

Sunny days are exquisitely beautiful! But the temperatures that accompany sunshine can make outdoor activities a headache. However, you can take advantage of these hot days and snag prime tee times. Here are some tips on preparing to golf in even the hottest of weather.

Before You Play:

Hydrate & Nourish

Don’t rely on your water bottle to keep you hydrated during a round of golf – drink plenty of H2O beforehand! Also make sure you have eaten before you hit the course. Heat can make you fatigued, so food is necessary. If you’re playing in the early AM and don’t have an appetite for breakfast, bring along a protein bar for after the first few holes.

Apply Sunscreen 

Protect yourself from the sun before you go outside, not after! Apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you hit the greens to ensure it has time to soak in and provide maximum sun protecting power.

Pack Your Bag

It’s always better to bring it and not need it, than to not bring it and wish you’d had it. Pack that extra water bottle. If your bag has a cooler pocket, bring some refreshing snacks, such as some fresh fruit or a protein drink.

beat heat hot weather sunscreen

During the Game:

Stay Cool

First step, make sure to use a golf cart. Walking a course on a scalding hot day guarantees that you will feel fatigued.

Additionally, buy a portable misting fan! Many people overlook these ingenious heat-fighting devices. Keep your fan in your golf bag and use it to cool off throughout the game. Refill with water as necessary. You might also consider cooling towels – there are brands of cooling fabrics that retain their chilly temperature when they are soaked in water.

Refresh & Reapply

Even if you’ve prepared for your game by drinking water and applying sunscreen, you should still take short breaks throughout your round. Take the time to reapply sunscreen and to drink extra water. Your body will thank you for it!

beat heat portable misting fan

After you finish your round, reward yourself with a cool treat such as ice cream or a smoothie. Cool down inside and apply some aloe vera or moisturizer to your sun-exposed skin.

Do you have any tips for playing during hot summer days? Leave a message!

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