The Secret to Mastering Your Short Game – Chipping

This is the first installment of our PGA Pro Short Shots Series. This week we look at the secret to mastering your chipping – with advice from Sheldon Callahan PGA, the First Assistant Golf Professional at Lomas Santa Fe Country Club.

A solid short game is key to achieving a low score out on the course, yet shots like chipping are some of the hardest to perfect. Luckily, many local public golf courses have dedicated chipping greens, so you can practice! Before you go out to the course, refresh yourself with this PGA Pro Short Shot to Mastering Your Short Game

Keep your weight focused on your forward leg – for both a chip shot or pitch shot

Starting with your weight forward at address provides you with a solid foundation and prepares you for a proper swing path.

When you start your backswing, turn away from the target without shifting your weight


The act of turning back will naturally shift a little weight back, and that small amount is plenty for a chip or pitch shot.

When you start your downswing, keep your weight focused on that forward leg


Having your weight forward allows you to make a descending swing, which promotes a quality impact on the ball.

Another reason you want to keep your weight forward is that it helps keep your hands and head ahead of the ball, which is important for consistency. If you move your head back, it will move your weight back as well – which can cause both the chunk and the ugly thin-skulled shot that goes screaming across the green.

And finally, remember to accelerate through the impact area


Don’t fight it – let the swing run its course. Any hesitation as you swing can also cause the chunk and the ugly, thin shot, so try and be as smooth as possible as you finish your chip or pitch shot.

How well do you hit the chip shot and pitch shot? Let us know how you play out on the practice green and check back with us soon for our next PGA Pro Short Shots Series!

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