Christmas Gifts for Golfers

Every single person that loves the game of golf has gotten a gift that made them chuckle. Every golf superstore has an aisle or two loaded to the brim with “great gifts” for the golfer who has everything. Often times it is hard to find something for a golfer that is inexpensive and useful. There are ways to avoid the look of disappointment when your loved one opens that new stroke counter this Christmas.

The best bet is to stick with the essentials. Hats, a round of golf, balls, and gloves are always winners. Grips are also a great idea. Most grips are designed to last for a year of average play. I have to change mine every four months or so. The typical golfer probably never changes them as long as they have their clubs. Most grips are only a couple dollars each and are often sold in kits to do it yourself. If you are in doubt ask someone at your local golf course. The employees at courses are more likely to guide you towards a useful gift than an employee at a big box store. If you don’t want to take the time to decide what to get, just go with a gift card to your local course. If they don’t need anything from the pro shop they can always use it on a round of golf or range time.

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