Developing Your Trick Shot

If you’re at that point in your golf game where you’d like to take it to the next level with a trick shot or two, read on!

The Classic

Okay, so maybe you won’t be able to make this shot look like Tiger did a couple decades ago in those famous Nike ads, but you can certainly use it to your advantage. In learning this shot, you’ll also improve your wrist and hand strength. Simply juggle the ball on your wedge, and then nail it mid-air straight down the range. Easy, right?

Here’s how to attempt it.

First, decide which club works best for bouncing a ball. 8 irons have a flatter surface, so you may want to start there. Then start trying to get the bounce right, which will likely take some time. Make sure the ball is bouncing up and down in a straight line, but not too high. You can try bouncing it parallel to the center of your body, which may help. Now place you hand on the middle of the shaft, and move closer to the grip as you improve the bounce technique.

Once you have the bounce down, it’s time to swing. On the final bounce, hit the ball up between chin and chest level, then let it come down. As the ball drifts down, move your hands quickly towards the grip. Make sure the clubface is open, and then make your shot!

‘Shotmaker’ Drill

Choose your target, and then attempt to hit a hook (or draw) at that target, preferably with a 6 iron. Then, once the shot is executed, try hitting a slice at the target. Repeat this until you feel comfortable, and alternate between the hook, and slice for about 10 minutes. This trick shot is one of the most effective in the game.

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