End of the year practice

For many in the United States cold weather and snow are quickly approaching. While many will simply throw their clubs in the garage until next year, those who continue to practice will see huge results next season. Golf is a tricky sport for many because there is a long off season. The swing can become rusty and short game skills can disappear over the winter. By keeping your putting and chipping sharp you will see dramatically improved scores in the spring.

The easiest aspect of the game to practice indoors is putting. It can be practiced on everything from concrete to carpet and in nearly every room of the house. This winter don’t just hit putts every so often. Try improving your stroke for next year as well. Using a 2×4 cut to roughly two feet let the heel of your putter rest against it while making your stroke. This will promote the straight back and through method and next year you can start the season out putting better than every before. The best thing about this drill is that you do not even need to hit a ball so it can be practiced anywhere. There are also countless training aids that accomplish the same thing that are available at your local retailer.

The next step is to practice chipping. Try to get outside once a week if possible, even if it is in your backyard, and keep your chipping sharp. Use practice balls to ensure that windows and neighbors remain safe. Don’t concentrate on where the ball goes but the feel of the swing.

By practicing the mechanics in the winter you can start next season months ahead of everyone else at your course. Instead of spending half the season to get the feel back in your putting stroke just keep it fresh all year. It is easy to do and takes up very little time.

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